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As on 10/04/2021 per 100 Kg
Category Rs
RSS-4 RSS-4 16900.00
RSS-5 RSS-5 16600.00
ISNR-20 ISNR-20 *
(60% drc)
Latex (60% drc) *
Rss4Chn 16900.00
Rss5Chn 16600.00
Snr20Chn ~
LatexChn ~
As on 09/04/2021 per 100 Kg
Category Rs
RSS-3 Rss3Klm ~
RSS-4 Rss4Klm ~
SMR-20 Snr20Klm 12156.00
(60% drc)
LatexKlm 11631.00
Rss3bnk 16167.00
Rss4bnk 16096.00
Snr20bnk ~
Latexbnk ~

'*' - Price not Available. '#' - Market Holiday.
'~' - No transaction.
** The prices shown above do not include VAT @ 5% on purchase and expenses towards transportation, warehousing and other incidentals.
Extension of FTP and handbook of procedures 2015-20
Scheme rules for Branded Natural Rubber for the year 2020-21
Implementation of eSANCHIT initiative - IEC integration
Implementation of PGA eSANCHIT
Incentive scheme for branding of Natural Rubber
Amendment in import policy conditions of Natural Rubber
MEIS - Public Notice No. 44/2015-20 regarding Amendments dtd. 5/12/2017
Introducing registration fees for RCMC
Amendment in NR import policy dt:20.01.2016
Revision in Customs Duty on NR - Notification
Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23 (2), Rule 62 (1) under Trade Marks Act, 1999
Indian Natural Rubber

The Rubber Board is an organisation constituted under the Rubber (Production and Marketing) Act, 1947 and working under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, with an objective to promote and facilitate production, processing and marketing of natural rubber.Indian Natural Rubber is the brand owned and promoted by the Rubber Board and registered under section 30 of Indian Trade Mark Act .As part of improving the marketing efficiency of natural rubber, the Board facilitates domestic and export marketing of rubber by providing financial and functional assistance. The brand Indian Natural Rubber is promoted with a view of differentiating the natural rubber exported from the country on its consistent quality parameters in line with international standards. The Board undertakes stringent measures to ensure that the products marketed under the brand conform to the specified quality standards. Brand certification procedure is meticulously framed to ensure the quality of each bale or bundle inspected. Branding ensures confidence among the buyers in the international market on the quality of the rubber imported from India, which will be an add-on to other factors like product availability and price, which mainly influence the purchase decision.

Message From Chairman

The Indian Rubber Industry is poised to grow with increased potential in the days to come, both in terms of strength and dominance. The robust domestic demand and the increasing global prospects for natural rubber have made it inevitable for the industry to retain its ...

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( closing on 10/4/2021 )
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