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Departments and Divisions

Rubber Production Department

The Department headed by the Rubber Production Commissioner is responsible for planning, formulation and implementation of schemes for improvement and expansion of rubber cultivation and production. Extension/advisory service, supplies of inputs, demonstration and activities related to Rubber Producers Societies etc. are also undertaken by the RP Department.

Rubber Research Institute of India

The Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII) established in 1955 is located on a hillock in the eastern suburb of Kottayam, eight kilometres from the  town. There are nine research disciplines, seven Regional Research Stations, two Hevea  Breeding Sub-stations and a Central Experimental Station attached to the RRII. The Institute is headed by the Director (Research).  Major Divisions of RRII are Agricultural Economics, Agronomy/Soils, Biotechnology / Genome Analysis, Botany / Clone Evaluation, Germplasm, Exploitation Studies, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Rubber Technology, and Technical Consultancy.  Library/Documentation, Agricultural Statistics, Computer, Instrumentation and Maintenance are the other facilities housed in RRII.

Rubber Training Institute

Since its inception in 1947, the Rubber Board had been developing expertise required for the orderly developments of the Indian rubber industry through R&D activities and constant interaction with the clients. The Rubber Industry, which consists of rubber plantation, rubber processing and rubber product manufacturing sectors has to be properly groomed to face challenges of the new millennium. The Rubber Board has the experience and expertise necessary for giving proper training to the rubber growers, rubber processors and rubber product manufacturers for practising modern scientific and cost effective techniques in the respective areas. In addition to the training to the clients, training is given to the employees of the Board for updating their technical and managerial skills.

The Rubber Training Institute (RTI),  with its own small core faculty imparts specialised training in various aspects with a view to making available trained manpower required for the plantation and manufacturing sectors. Guest faculty from other departments of the Board as well as from external sources are invited from time to time for imparting specialised training. The training courses are conducted mainly at the Department’s Training Institute.  Depending upon requirements, courses are also held at other venues.
The Rubber Training Institute is located near Puthuppally, 8 k.m. east of Kottayam adjacent to Rubber Research Institute of India. The Training Centre is housed in a building of 37,000 sq ft including five lecture halls with modern amenities. In addition to this there is a Library, Museum, Auditorium and a hostel for accommodating 25 participants.

Administration Department

The Administration Department headed by the Secretary attends to general administration including personnel administration, labour welfare activities, legal affairs of the Board,  official language implementation and internal security of the Board. The Administration Department has eight Division/Sections viz;  Establishment Section (General, Entitlement and Personnel), Hindi Section, Labour Welfare Section, Legal Section, O & M Section, Publicity and Public Relations Division, Security Wing, and Vigilance Division.

Finance and Accounts (F&A) Department

The F&A Department headed by the Director (Finance) has eight divisions viz;  Finance and Accounts Division (Administration),  Finance and Accounts Division (Research), Finance and Accounts Division (P&PD), Finance and Accounts Division (Rubber Production), Central Finance and Accounts Division,  Cost Accounts Division, Electronic Data Processing Division, and Internal Audit Division. In addition, there are Accounts units that are functionally coordinated by the Director (Finance) in the Rubber Promotion Division, Pilot Crumb Rubber Factory, Excise Duty Division, Training Dept. and the Regional Offices.  The Department manages the Board's funds, budget and budgetary control, maintenance of accounts of the Board, preparation of consolidated annual accounts of the Board, co-ordination of audit by the Accountant General of Kerala, study of financial aspects and preparation of financial statements for project reports, updating of cost studies on rubber, operation of electronic data processing system in different functional areas, tax matters of the Board.

Statistics Department   

Statistics plays an important role in the planned development of any industry. Considering its importance, collection of statistics is mentioned in the Rubber Act as one of the basic functions of the Rubber Board, vide section 8(2)(e). According to section 8(3), it is also the duty of the Board to advise the Central Government on all matters relating to the development of the rubber industries, including import and export of rubber. It is only with adequate, up-to-date and accurate statistics that we can plan our programmes for the development of the Natural Rubber Industry.

Licensing and Excise Duty Department

The licensing and Excise Duty Department headed by the Director (L & D) is entrusted with the functions of issue of licence to acquire natural rubber for sale, for processing and for manufacture of rubber products and collection of duty of excise (cess) on rubber. The transactions of natural rubber are regulated by the licence issued by the Rubber Board. Board issues three kinds of licence namely (i) licence to deal in rubber, called Dealers licence (ii) licence to acquire rubber for processing and to sell such processed rubber, called Processors Licence and (iii) licence to acquire rubber for manufacturing rubber products, called Manufacturers Licence. Issue and regulation of these licences and collection of cess on rubber are the main functions of this Department. Detailed functions and activities of this Department are given in this site (link – About us – Licensing and Excise Duty of Rubber).

Market Promotion Division (MPD)

MPD is the designated authority to issue Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) for Natural Rubber. The functional arrangement of this Divsion constitutes Market Intelligence Cell, Export Promotion Cell and Domestic Promotion Cell. Collection, Compilation and dissemination of natural rubber prices, undertaking promotional activities of NR by participating in domestic and international trade fairs, providing financial assistance for participation in trade fairs, promotion of Indian Natural Rubber logo, monitoring export and import of NR etc. are the main functions of this Division. Detailed functions and activities of this Division are given in this site (link - About us – Market Promotion Division). This Diision functions under the Dy. Director (Marketing).

Engineering and Processing Divison
This Divsion look after Engineering and Processing related activies for the entire Board and managing two laboratries 1. Quality Control Laboratory 2. Central Wood Testing Laboratory

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