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Obligations of Licensees

The Rubber Act and the Rules there under stipulate that the licensees shall submit certain statutory returns in the prescribed forms to the Board. 

  • Every licensed dealer is required to submit, a true and correct monthly return in forms H2 & L giving the particulars of rubber stock acquired, held or disposed of by him. 
  • Every processor should submit true and correct monthly returns in forms H3 & L1 giving the particulars of rubber acquired, held, used for processing and disposed. 
  • Every manufacturer should submit true and correct monthly returns in forms K & L giving the particulars of stock of rubber including synthetic and reclaimed rubber held, acquired, consumed or disposed of by him, and an annual return in form K1, giving particulars of consumption of various kinds of rubber used in his end products and such return shall reach the Board on or before 30th April of the succeeding year. 

The returns, as the case may be, for each month should be sent by the dealers, processors and manufacturers to the Secretary, Rubber Board, Kottayam so as to reach him on or before the 20th of the succeeding month.

Apart form the above every manufacturer should submit a half yearly return as at 30th September and 31st March within 15 days of the closure of each half year as above, so as to enable the Board to assess the amount of the duty of excise (cess) on rubber levied under the provisions of section 12 of the Rubber Act 1947. Such amount on being demanded should be paid by the assessee within 30 days of receipt of such demand.

Every manufacturer shall pay cess on the quantity of the rubber acquired by him during the period specified in rule 33 (e) along with the return, not later than thirty days after the period to which the return relates to, either in cash at the Board’s office at Kottayam or by money order or by bank draft or by any mode of payment through bank, payable at Kottayam to the Director (Licencing and Excise Duty), Rubber Board evidenced by proof of payment.  If any manufacturer fails to pay the amount within the date prescribed the Board will take steps for recovery of the outstanding amount with interest and cost of collection, as an arrear of land revenue.

The licensees are also bound to maintain true and correct accounts in respect of their business and produce them before the Board's authorized officers for inspection, on demand.

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