Message From Chairman

The Indian Rubber Industry is poised to grow with increased potential in the days to come, both in terms of strength and dominance. The robust domestic demand and the increasing global prospects for natural rubber have made it inevitable for the industry to retain its domain as a vital component.. India is the 4th largest producer and 2nd largest consumer of natural rubber in the world. Increasing prices and improved demand has provided a resurgent incentive for the rubber growers to produce more which has resulted in increased production India is considered as one among the fastest growing economies globally. There are about 4600 registered units comprising of 30 large scale, 300 medium scale and around 4400 small scale and tiny units which form part of the colossus of the natural rubber industry in India. The rubber industry parents the genesis of a wide range of products like adhesives, auto tyres, auto tubes, auto & cycle parts, footwear, belts, cables & wires, sports goods, surgical & pharmaceutical products etc. India and China are the only two countries in the world which have the capacity to consume the entire indigenous production of natural rubber, and both being growing economies are sure to dominate the global rubber market in the years to come. An effective market intelligence mechanism is vital for the industry as well for the producers to cope up with the market movements and capitalize the swings and booms in the international and domestic market. With this objective Rubber Board is launching the trade information portal, which will function as the road map for exporters and producers to update trade information. Trade Information Centre provides all natural rubber trade related information beneficial to stakeholders across the supply chain. Information on current market news, price movements (domestic as well as international) in spot and futures markets, sourcing points and uses of different grades, grade specifications, details of rubber wood and rubber wood companies, trade policies related to NR, various trade data and analysis , export and imports data on NR, schemes operated by the market promotion department etc. Apart from this, the trade portal is considered as an effective tool for promoting branded natural rubber from India under the brand name “Indian Natural Rubber”. Branding is an assurance of quality and a promise by the exporter with the endorsement of the Board. This concept will differentiate rubber of Indian origin in the international market and eventually turn India a hub for quality natural rubber. This brand equity will fetch premium price for rubber exported, which in turn will benefit primary producers in the country. Branding of NR for export is a first of its kind attempt made by any rubber producing country. This portal will provide facility to track the details of each export consignment made under the brand. The trade information portal is enriched with all aspects on natural rubber trade and I am sure that all stake holders in the rubber industry will find it useful.

Chairman & Execuitive Director,Rubber Board

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