INR Logo Tracking - Terms and Condition

The Rubber Board, Govt. of India is the registered owner of the brand ‘Indian Natural Rubber’, registered under Intellectual Property Rights Act as Certification Trade Mark and covered under Copy Rights Act.

1. Indian Natural Rubber Logo is awarded to certify that the quality of the branded natural rubber conforms to the norms & specifications defined in Green Book/IS Standards. The quality of the exported lot is inspected by testing random samples from the total export consignment.

2. The exporter affixes INR Logo with the size of 70 mm x 15 mm holographic stickers on their export consignments/packs as an indication of “Branded Natural Rubber from India” and as a mark of assurance of Quality.

3. The exporter signs an MoU with the Rubber Board to ensure consistency in quality and reliability of the rubber exported.

4. The Holographic stickers of the Logo affixed in the bales/bundles/barrels along with the brand certificate issued by the Board construe the brand identity. Serial numbers of holographic stickers used are uploaded in the web portal www.indiannaturalrubber.com for tracking and to confirm the certification status by the buyer.

5. The exporter is qualified to use the brand by affixing Logo stickers only on the volume of rubber specifically mentioned in the Certificate.

6. Quality Standards specified for all grades of Natural Rubber are in the web portal www.indiannaturalrubber.com

7. Litigations if any, between the buyer and seller will have to be settled between themselves . The Board has no statutory controls/legal powers/arbitrary regulations to settle any dispute/litigation. Board’s liability will be limited to the quality of the inspected lot, on which master stickers are affixed.

8. Any consignment /packs with tampered holographic logo sticker or master sticker will not be covered under the Logo Certification.

9. Test parameters of the Quality Certificate issued from the Board to conform to IS specifications as per IS: 5430/IS: 4588 and Green Book Standards. Test Report of Latex grade & ISNR grade form part of this certificate.

10. For Logo related communications:
Deputy Director (Marketing),
Market Promotion Department, RRII, Rubber Board PO,
Kottayam – 686009,
India.Tel: +91 481 2354515,
Fax: +914812353790.
E-mail:ddmarketing@rubberboard.org.in, exportpromotion@rubberboard.org.in

INR Logo Tracking
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